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2019 Summer Mens Hoboken Softball


Welcome to the 2019 Summer Softball Season!

Opening Day for this league is the week of July 1-7 (For some, not all teams)

If you have any questions, please email the league director Jim Pilla at 

Softballs, Scorebooks and Rules

Captains: You don't have to go anywhere, we'll either provide all game balls at the field throughout the season, (or we'll ship you a box of softballs, scorebook and rules directly to your doorstep!) Stay tuned for a detailed email approximately (1) week before opening day. The official game ball for the 2019 Men's Summer Softball Season in Hoboken will be the 'Clincher.'


-There will be 7 Regular Season Games + Playoffs (Top 4 Teams)
-Game Balls are included (*Clinchers only for all Hoboken games)
-Men's League plays in Hoboken/JC area (Sun/Mon Nights - 1 game per week, random schedule).
-Ump fees are $20 per team, per game
-Enter your player stats right onto the ABL website! (optional)
-Free League app - schedule, standings, news! (search for 'ABL' in app store)


End-of-Year Awards Party!
Championship Shirts for all Division champs

Cup Championship Trophy
Champs get $300 discount on any future league
Your team photo on the ABL website and Facebook page 


View the ABL rules by clicking here

Forfeit Rule

All scheduled games are final. If your team forfeits without notifying us (48) hours in advance, you must pay a $40 Forfeit Fine to pay the Umpires assigned to your forfeited game. 

Free Agents

Are you an individual without a team looking to play this Summer? Or do you have a full team, but need to round out your roster? Join or pick up players on our Free Agent Board:

Levels of Play 

We separate our divisions by the following Skill Levels (full teams only):


You'll be able to choose your team's Skill Level once you register. Please note that, as a League, we do our best to most accurately balance all divisions before play begins.


Hudson County Men's: $1,395 per team

Umpire Fees for each program are $20 per team, per game. 

Registration Deadline is Friday, June 21.